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Agriculture isn’t a topic that many devotees from our metropolitan area may think about. But our Divine Mother is calling our attention to it, suggesting that we grow some of our own food.

We may think this advice doesn’t apply to New Yorkers living in apartments, but Amma has said, “Try to grow your own vegetables which are not loaded with harmful chemicals. In many houses in Japan, though they might be small, they still grow flowers and vegetables by hanging pots all around.”

Amma has stated that the Western devotees are very sincere and engaged in helping Mother Earth. This is true for NY/NJ/CT devotees. Some of our satsang members are looking into hydroponic kits that sit on your kitchen counter and enable you to grow vegetables using water and a special liquid formula. Others are starting container gardens, growing herbs, lettuce and other vegetables in flower pots in their apartments.

Amma has also recommended planting trees. Just this past January Lakshmi and Vidya from the Queens and NY satsangs attended the AYUDH retreat at San Ramon and helped plant 100 trees. The local New York/New Jersey regional AYUDH will plant more trees in our area. If you are between 15 and 30 and want to participate, please contact .

City dwellers who have no other way to plant trees can donate money to reputable organizations that do. There is also a new Google group for the environment, nyc-green-for-amma.

Read more about Amma's nature related projects in India and at her ashram in San Ramon.

"We must light the lamp of faith and love in our hearts. This will remove all darkness in and around us."
-- Amma
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