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A Message from Amma about Storm Sandy

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Amma has been really concerned about the well being of her Children in the East Coast area due to the super storm Sandy. While going for Devi Bhava in Holland (a couple of days ago) she was enquiring about the status of the storm and the path. One of the devotee brought a Skype connection on her computer and Amma was talking to Sujatha as the storm was hitting New York. During the Atma Puja in Holland, Amma asked everyone to pray for the well being of the people who were getting hit by the Hurricane. She is still concerned and wants all of you to check if other devotees in your respective areas are doing well and are safe .

She sends her love and prayers to all. Thanks,

Namah Sivaya,

"We must light the lamp of faith and love in our hearts. This will remove all darkness in and around us."
-- Amma
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