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Amma's Forest Dwellers

Read About Early Experiences with Amma

Have you ever wondered what it was like to travel with Amma in the "early days" or to sit in a room with 50 people for darshan? Do you like to read stories about what happened around Amma before she began attracting millions of people? Then Amma's Forest Dwellers is the website for you.

In India, Forest Dwellers are traditionally older people who, having raised their family, have retired to the forest to pray, meditate, reflect on scripture and do good works. Amma's Forest Dwellers are her 'old-timer' devotees who have been around for a long time actively involved in Amma's tour and community. They are full of memorable experiences and stories about their lives with Amma.

The Amma's Forest Dwellers website serves as a forum for sharing these memories with us. If you have an experience you'd like to post, please contact Nancy at Everyone is welcome to participate.

"We must light the lamp of faith and love in our hearts. This will remove all darkness in and around us."
-- Amma
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