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How Amma Takes Care of Us

submitted by Upasana

It was early in the morning on September 11, 2001, and Swami Ramakrishnanada was coming to New York to give satsang. Thinking I could save some time commuting into the city for the satsang, I begged my husband to loan me his PATH train ticket so that I would not have to fumble for money while holding the many many bouquets of flowers. At first he refused, but then relented. When he got to the PATH train platform that morning, he went to the automated ticket machine. It just wouldn’t cooperate for him. It would take the first bill and then reject the second. Then he would put in the second bill first and it would accept that - only to reject the bill it had previously accepted. In frustration and not a slight sense of dismay, my husband watched several trains come and go while he struggled to buy a ticket. By now, he was pretty upset with having loaned me his ticket. He thought of his excuse to his boss for being late for work at the Trade Center.

When he finally got on a train, he found out that there was some kind of police action going on at the World Trade Center. The train passengers groaned as they were told that they would not be allowed to exit the train. Rather, they heard the man on the loudspeaker say that the train would only stop and pick up passengers who were waiting at the platform.

It didn’t take long for those with radios to find out what had happened. Meanwhile the train roamed in search of a new destination. Amma had John board a train that came right into Newark, New Jersey, where I work. He couldn’t call me to tell me he was OK, so Amma brought him right to my door, safe and sound. Praise to Amma for Her goodness and care!!

"We must light the lamp of faith and love in our hearts. This will remove all darkness in and around us."
-- Amma
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